Dear Who

Dear WHO,

Wow what a day..I bet you’re really pleased with how it went eh? I mean, what fun to turn the release of your normally-oh-so-very-boring paperwork into a full scale attack on the health choices of such a large number of people. And didn’t they bite back – well you knew they would – vapers always do, right? Anything to get those clicks..

What you don’t realise is that our anger is real. I doubt there’s a single vaper in the twittersphere who won’t be able to get around any and all regulation which the governments you seek to influence try to throw at them. But you see, they don’t do it for themselves – they do it for those who will follow them. And for those who are currently vaping but don’t have the knowledge to get around your unethical dogma. And they see you for what you are – a seething mass of gravy train style corruption and a complete and utter disgrace.

Whether or not the government signatories to the FCTC take up your recommendations on ENDS as you call them is now almost immaterial. The damage you did today was immense, and will be far reaching. I’d love to quantify that in lives ruined and lost, but well, I’ll leave the junk epidemiology up to you. You seem to have a penchant for it.

I won’t ever forgive you for what you did today. I hope you’re proud.


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