Idiotic Bandwagon Jumpers

Vitamin ecigs. Yes really. Apart from the fact that I can find no information about the absorption of vitamins via inhalation, if it’s even possible, why would you want to when there’s a perfectly well recognised method of consuming them – i.e. orally, or through just eating good food? What are the harms of inhaling say vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or peppermint oil? Of course the same could be said for the various components of ecig flavourings, but at least they serve a purpose – to make ecigs palatable to smokers – and work is underway to weed out the more harmful ingredients. Without flavourings it is likely that vapers would turn back to the more dangerous alternative, lit tobacco.

So if vitamin e-cigarettes are being targeted at smokers that would probably be sort of ok wouldn’t it? It’s still going to be a reduced harm option and the vitamins might be attractive to some even if they’re useless or carry harms of their own. But why stop at smokers eh? When there are all those other health loving people out there to attract.


One thought on “Idiotic Bandwagon Jumpers

  1. This is banned under the TPD anyway, so why on earth woulda responsible company spend the time and resources necessary to promote a new product with such obvious unknowns when it has a built in lifespan and is as controversial as this? It makes no financial sense, and is a gift to the bansturbators.


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